Strengthening your muscles is an important part of improving fitness & aid in weight loss. Beginning strength training makes muscles stronger & can helps prevent injuries and some chronic problems, such as lower back pain. Just like cardio exercise, with strength training, your body uses stored fat and carbohydrates as
Chair Workouts
Did you know that sitting in excess of 30 minutes slows circulation and breathing, causing you to feel sluggish and less alert? It also decreases the blood and oxygen flow to your back. Whether you are working at your desk or watching TV in the living room, you can make
Breathing is the quickest way to becoming relaxed. It slows down your sympathetic nervous system (fight or flight) and activates your parasympathetic nervous system (rest and digest). One of the leading causes of weight gain is stress eating. Being able to cope with stress is a large contributor to ongoing
When you plan your physical fitness program to aid in your weight loss, you need to consider FIT with these three important components: How often will you do the exercise? How hard will the exercise be? How much time will you devote to each exercise component? Recommendations Below are recommendations
Most of us realize that physical activity is very important for weight loss and maintenance. But did you know that you can lose fat and preserve muscle mass without “working out?” According to the Surgeon General’s report on physical activity, you can. Increasing the amount of physical activity you do
The Benefits of Weight Loss There are many health benefits that come with being at the optimal weight. It’s not always enticing to go on a diet. Nor is it easy to stay motivated, especially during long-term weight-loss programs and exercise routines. However, the wide and diverse range of benefits
A Holistic Approach to Weight Loss Achieving weight loss goals will rarely succeed if you are using only a single strategy. You might think you need only diet, or that you should simply step up your exercise activity. But this will likely lead to failure. The way to optimal weight
Weight Loss Trends Today Being able to stay on top of the hottest weight loss trends doesn’t necessarily give you the best options for getting rid of unwanted weight and fat. However, it does allow you to check out what’s new, innovative, and effective while filtering out the useless fads.