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SlimLife At Home

SlimLife At Home

A Weight Loss Program That Fits Your Lifestyle

Like most people you’ve probably tried many times to lose weight on your own – and maybe you haven’t had much success! Studies show that people are able to lose more weight with the help of professional counseling AND they lose weight faster than those who have no guidance or support. But, we understand that driving across town for office appointments every week isn’t easy or convenient when your life is busy with work, kids, shopping and…just life!

Everything You Need To Succeed – WITHOUT Appointments!

That’s why SlimLife At Home was created – to provide all the benefits of professional coaching and compassionate support from personal consultants WITHOUT having to disrupt your daily routine or waste time scheduling and commuting to appointments.

NOW–you can still lose the weight without the need to visit a center to enjoy the help and support of professional personal coaching.

  Thanks to SlimLife At Home you’ll have not just one person, but an entire team of experienced coaches on call whenever you need them for helpful weight loss advice, cooking tips, nutrition expertise, coping strategies and positive motivational reinforcement. It’s all at your fingertips – wherever you can take your phone. Meet your team below!

Meet The SlimLife Team

Bel Air Center


Ann Mogharabi | Center Director

Thane Hash | Weight Loss Coach

Joy Enfield | Weight Loss Coach

Frederick Center


Jasmine McCoy | Supervisor

Paige Sacher | Assistant Director

Jamie Silver | Weight Loss Coach

Timonium Center


Chris Chambers | Center Director

Damian Briscoe | Weight Loss Coach

Jodyee Hagerman | Weight Loss Coach

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