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Josh Spiegel

  • Has lost 58 lbs*

*Individual results will vary

Michelle Boulin

  • Has lost 72 lbs* in 33 weeks

*Individual results will vary

Keith Davis

  • Has 103 lbs* in 40 weeks

*Individual results will vary

Holly Kilby

  • Has lost 30 lbs* in 12 weeks

*Individual results will vary

Ellen Allin

  • Has 74 lbs* in 28 weeks

*Individual results will vary

Vivian Ashley-Quaya

  • Has lost 55 lbs* so far and is still in weight loss

*Individual results will vary

I was faced with a whole lot of health challenges. I have been on 6 medications for hypertension among others for medical issues. It wasn’t until I lost my health insurance that I decided to do something with the weight gain. I got SlimLife’s number from watching TV. I booked an appointment with them that changed my life. Exactly 2 months after I started the program I lost my job and was concerned if I would be able to continue but realized that it was not an option to stop taking control of my health.

I have reached my goal and my blood pressure is now in the normal range. I feel healthier, have my self-esteem back and am happier. I would not trade that for anything.

From the bottom of my heart, I render my sincere thanks to SlimLife and all of the mentors.

Christina Fox

  • Lost 71.5 lbs* in the first 9.5 weeks

*Individual results will vary

After turning 30, I started to notice slowly that my weight was beginning to creep way past a number that I was comfortable with. I had always been a bigger framed girl growing up, but I would have never been classified as someone who had a “weight problem”. I grew up playing many sports and always was able to eat whatever, whenever I wanted. I also have always been very committed to exercise. Despite my efforts with exercise, the weight continued to grow and grow. I knew that I had to do something, but I wasn’t sure exactly what I was doing wrong. Everyone I talked to said that it was my diet that had to change. I decided to make the attempt to do that on my own.

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Kathy Batdorf

  • Has lost 65 lbs* so far and is still in weight loss
  • Lost 31.5 lbs* in the first 8 weeks

*Individual results will vary

Debbie Kuhn

  • Has 103 lbs* total and still losing through transition
  • Lost 18 lbs* in the first 8 weeks

*Individual results will vary

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