Factors that affect weight loss

Everyone knows what weight loss is all about. How to achieve it though is a very different story! The concept is fairly simple. Eat correctly and exercise sufficiently. That’s the theory, but because it is influenced by such a wide range of factors, things can get pretty complicated quickly. Apart from how much you exercise or what your diet is at the moment, there are various aspects of life that factor in to affect your weight loss and how you shed pounds.

If you’re interested in losing weight, here are some of the factors that you first need to consider. They will help you find the best approach and get the results you seek.

Genetics and nature versus nurture

Let’s face it. Some stuff we really do inherit from our parents. This often includes a propensity for obesity in some people. Even the kind of bacteria is in your digestive system could have been passed down. Genetics also explains why some people just don’t seem to gain weight even if they keep eating a lot. Others just keep putting on the pounds despite their best efforts to slim down.

Of course, this doesn’t mean that genetics should get in the way of your weight-loss aspirations. This just means you may need to put in more effort to shed some weight. Some people just have to exercise harder and keep moving to get there.

Lifestyle and how it affects your physique

Without a doubt this is a big factor affecting weight loss. Lifestyle involves the way we live from day to day. It includes our health habits, our work schedules, and the way we structure our routines. What we consume during dinners or drinking sessions with friends, and what we do for relaxation, along with many other factors. Lifestyle change is a term that you’ll hear often enough from physicians. There is obviously a big correlation between our mental and physical states.

Sleeping habits and how they affect you

Apart from your general health and well-being, sleep will also affect your attempts at losing weight. Getting the recommended amount of quality sleeping hours is vital. It enables you to start off your day on the right foot. Proper rest guarantees that you’ll have the energy to complete your tasks efficiently, including getting the exercise you need.

Lack of sleep has also been found to affect the way your brain regulates your appetite. The theory is that you’re more likely to indulge in food that make you gain weight if you’re sleep-deprived.

Age and the changes in your body

Core body functions are affected by age. This includes a variety of processes that affect our weight and how much or how fast we gain and lose it. One good example of this is our metabolism, which generally slows down as people age. In addition, metabolism is also affected by physical activity, so it’s also linked to the amount and type of exercise we have.


People tend to eat or drink a lot when they’re stressed. More often than not, the food and drinks involved aren’t that good for people’s health, or for their weight-loss aspirations.

If you find yourself binging whenever your stress levels are building up at work or elsewhere, you need to find a more productive way to relieve it. Try to hit the gym and workout, or maybe play a video game to let all your frustrations out.

Getting advice from professionals

In order to come up with the best possible weight-loss or fitness program that suits you and your body best, it’s important to consult with your physician and fitness professionals. When you follow a custom tailor-made program, you are assured of optimal results.

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Learning to adopt a lifestyle geared to keeping your well-being at optimum levels is a life-changer. You’ll acquire the habits that bring success. With the tried and tested tools and services offered by SlimLife Health & Wellness you will be able to follow through and reach your goals.

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