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Cryoskin 2.0 provides relaxing Face & BodyToning and Fat Freezing treatments with noticeable and cumulative results.

CryoSlimming uses the Peltier Effect” (thermoelectric cooling) to kill subcutaneous fat cells without damaging surrounding tissue or overlying skin. Each treatment begins with 4 minutes of heat at 104°F (40°C) followed by 32 minutes of cold at 17.6°F ( -8°C) while massaging the desired body part with the Cryoskin 2.0 wand. Each treatment must be at least 14 days apart allowing fat cells to flush through your Lymphatic System. Only one body part (abdomen, arms, inner thighs, outer thighs, love handles, back, buttocks, under the chin, or any where an inch can be pinched, excluding the face, eyes, and breasts) may be CryoSlimmed per treatment, however one CryoToning treatment may be added to each visit at an additional cost. Different body parts may be alternated with your treatments, however 5 consecutive treatments for each specific body part offers optimal results with an average of 38% reduction in fat. At the conclusion of each CryoSlimming package of 5, additional treatments can be reviewed with your Certified CryoTech.

CryoToning treatments involve manipulating a cold wand at 28.4 F (-2°C) over a body part (all, excluding breasts and eyelid areas), promoting local metabolism and microcirculation, boosting the production of collagen and elastin. This 20-minute
treatment will diminish the appearance of cellulite, pore size, fine lines/wrinkles and can provide a buttocks lift. CryoToning treatments can be performed daily and two separate body parts may be CryoToned per visit with additional treatment cost. Daily, weekly, or monthly treatments can be performed until your desired results have been acheived. With routine CryoToning
facial treatments, the need for aesthetic neurotoxins and fillers may decrease. CryoToning treatments may be included with a CryoSlimming treatment every other week.

  • Lose up to 2 inches in your first session
  • No downtime involved. No bruising. Non invasive.
  • Cryoskin 2.0 builds skin-firming collagen and elastin
  • Results are not guaranteed and vary
  • Permanent results depend upon a healthy lifestyle
  • Client should not eat carbs or sugar 2 hours prior and post treatment
  • Those with Raynaud’s Syndrome, Cancer; Severe Diabetes, Pregnant or Nursing, and those who suffer from Poor Circulation cannot have treatments with Cryoskin 2.0
  • Those who have had Botox or Fillers within the last 90 days cannot have CryoToning facial treatments
    “Peltier Effect — discovered by Jean Peltier in 1834, is an important thermoelectric phenomenon that relates to the energy transfer (positive or negative) that occurs, over and above joule heating, at the junction of two dissimilar materials when an electric current passes through it

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