Cryo skin for Weight and Fat Loss

When you hear the term ‘cryotherapy’, it likely conjures images of ice baths and life-size chambers. This is usually done to manage pain and fatigue in the muscles, especially when done right after strenuous physical activity. However, cryotherapy applications are not limited to that. Another relatively new application of cryotherapy techniques and technology is in the field of fat reduction & body sculpting. The same principles apply. With cryo skin slimming & toning you take controlled temperatures and apply them to targeted areas properly, you can achieve certain results.

Cryo skin, how does it work?

With cryo slimming, treatments are done by way of non-invasive massages starting with heat for a couple of minutes. After that, the temperature applied is dropped all the way to negative temperatures for the remainder of the session. There are predetermined temperature ranges and exposure times that are deemed safe and effective.

Cryolipolysis is the scientific term for this application. It involves freezing the fat deposits in the target area. The extreme cold effectively reduces the fat in that area as the fat cells go through a process called “apoptosis.” This causes the destruction of unwanted cells, in this case the targeted fat cells, leading to the reduction of the layer of fat tissue over a series of sessions.

All of this is usually done by utilizing a single dedicated cryo machine. The controlled application and periodic treatments then allow practitioners to shape and tone the body as desired by the client.

The best part about this method of treatment is that the surrounding cells do not get affected. Only the fat gets processed away. This is because fat cells are much more easily destroyed by extreme cold compared to regular cells.

Where can you find cryoslimming services?

Cryotherapy services are available at a wide range of clinics, but you need to search and find options that specifically offer dedicated cryo slimming and toning. While there are holistic health services that provide a wide range of health improvement and weight loss options, it is advisable to choose those with the best reviews. Search for clinics that also offer slimming and toning services via cryotherapy.

Choose only the best and most experienced services

One of the finest and most comprehensive slimming and cryo service is SlimLife Health & Wellness(locations in Bel Air, Frederick & Timonium MD). SlimLife provides free consultations. You can come into one of the clinics for a personal session. Alternatively, you can always fill out a form online and get full information about all your possible options in the convenience of your own home.

Thanks to modern technology, toning the body and getting rid of fat can now be effectively and safely achieved. Cryotherapy allows for non-invasive measures that have proven effective and convenient, and the results can be seen after just a few sessions.

Cryo skin 2.0

Cryo skin 2.0 is the sophisticated cryo system used by SlimLife Health & Wellness. It is non-invasive treatment session, and provides relaxing Face & BodyToning and Fat Freezing treatments with noticeable and cumulative results.

One body part is targeted per session, but different body parts may be alternated with your treatments. Each treatment begins with 4 minutes of heat at 104°F (40°C) followed by 32 minutes of cold at 17.6°F ( -8°C) while massaging the desired body part with the Cryoskin 2.0 wand.

Treatment sessions are spaced out at least 14 days apart in order to allow fat cells to flush through your Lymphatic System.

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