Benefits of Yerba Mate for your weight loss program

//Benefits of Yerba Mate for your weight loss program

Benefits of Yerba Mate for your weight loss program

Why you must add Yerba Mate into your weight loss program

As a nutrition coach, I focused mostly on weight loss for over 15 years. Having been through the process myself, and having lost over 40 pounds and kept it off, I had a special understanding of the issues associated with trouble losing weight.

I made it my mission to educate others on diet and nutrition. Clients came to me with a wide array of lifestyle and health issues. That being said, I noticed that whether they were young or old, had a lot or a little to lose, nothing could be shifted until the issue of appetite was addressed.

Due to life stressors, refined sugars, lack of sleep, high salt intake, hormonal balances and other health issues, most came to see me with cravings and hunger that they couldn’t get under control. It is very hard to lose weight when your stomach is grumbling or you are fantasizing about the donuts in the lunch room.

I knew I had to address the problem of appetite first, before success could be attained. So, I went back to what had helped me, and the biggest game changer in my weight loss journey, was drinking yerba mate. Yerba Mate is an herbal tea that is widely enjoyed in South America. Generations of people have used it for the superfood that it is, and have enjoyed astonishing results. It not only suppresses the appetite, but gives the nutritional support needed for the body to release unwanted weight.

My clients loved drinking yerba mate and found it profoundly made a difference in their lives. Now, clients of SlimLife can be the first in North America to use yerba in conjunction with a weight loss program and benefit from this miraculous plant. SlimLife clients have the extra benefit of having each blend tailor made for the different phases of SlimLife’s weight loss system. Our line of yerba mate blends gently start you off by supporting detox and lessening cravings that could come. Then, our yerba mate tea bags will help boost the weight loss effects of the program. By the end of these phases, you are not only at your ideal weight, but feeling great.

“Yerba Mate is an invigorator of the mind and body…. It is a health promoter and deserves the attention of every person interested in optimum health.”

Daniel Mowrey, PHD

Here is how Yerba Mate helps with weight loss…

1.Yerba Mate is a known appetite suppressant. Due to its chemical make-up, yerba is quite effective in reducing hunger. It is said that the native people of the region who chewed or made infusions with Yerba were able to survive famine due to yerba’s natural compounds. In modern times, physicians in South America frequently recommend drinking yerba to their patients who want to lose weight.
2.Yerba is incredibly nutritious, so it supports the body rather than deplete it like other weight loss aids. Yerba contains 24 vitamins and minerals, has 15 amino acids and is loaded with antioxidants. This is important because when a body is well nourished, it does a better job of regulating appetite.
3.Helps detox. Yerba contains xanthines which are MILD diuretics.
4.Yerba is a natural laxative and helps with constipation. It helps restore the colon to a healthy state by softening “backup” while stimulating peristalsis. If you have constipation, you have to try yerba mate.
5.Promotes good sleep. Unlike other caffeinated drinks that interrupt sleep, yerba does the opposite. That is important because lack of sleep is a factor with difficulty losing weight, increased belly fat and hormonal imbalances.
6.Help for idle hands. If you have stood in front of the refrigerator, not knowing what to do, you might benefit from drinking mate. The act of making a cup of tea, or having a tea ritual, helps one fill up that time with a new, productive habit.
7.Yerba can be made in so many ways that it will always “hit the spot.” You can drink it hot, cold, with or without sweetener.
8.Gives a boost of energy without the jitters. More energy most often leads to more effort in physical and social activities.

Next time you are in one of our centers, pick up a bag of our SlimLife Yerba Mate blends. Be sure to have a cup in the morning and another cup in the afternoon, preferably before 4pm. We think you will agree that it is the perfect addition to your weight loss food program.

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